Strolling Away In Disney World

The size of Disney world is usually said to be 40 square miles. This is considerably the same size as San Francisco city. If you ever get the chance to visit the place; you will not believe how large it is. It’s large area almost makes it impossible for you to walk during a single visit. Especially when you have kids tagging along.

Thankfully, Disney world came up with strollers to solve this problem. The strollers serve both children and adults. During your visit, you might be able to rent a stroller in Disney World.

Who Has the Capability of Renting a Stroller in the area?

The Disney stroller is especially made for people visiting for a long time and need to walk many miles per day. Most people who have kids normally come with their own strollers, but kids who are above the age of using strollers tend to suffer from long walks. The Disney strollers have been designed in a way that they can fit older kids or even adults who cannot walk for long distances.

Where to Get the Strollers when you need them

If you want to rent the Disney stroller, there are a number of places that you can be able to rent from. Within the Disney World there are various theme parks. In all these parks you will be able to find a stroller that fits your needs. Some of them include; Magic Kingdom Locations which is just under the train station at the front park. There is also the animal kingdom theme park located in the Garden Gate Gifts.

Cost of Disney Strollers

When most people think about renting strollers, they tend to shy away because they think it is too expensive. This is not the case. If you want to rent a stroller for just a day it goes for thirteen dollars. There is also double stroller that normally goes for thirty one dollars a day.

There are usually discounts for people who intend to rent the stroller for many days. In such a case, the price would then reduce to thirteen dollars for just a single day or twenty seven dollars a day for a double stroller.

Standing Out From the Rest

Many strollers usually look the same way. You will never realize this until you get to a stroller parking area. This makes it very hard for one to identify his or her stroller. To make matters worse, the Disney Cast members usually relocate strollers when arranging the parking area.

If you want to make things easier for yourself; it is vital that you make your stroller stand out. This can be done by coming up with creative ideas like tying balloons on the handle, or even a bright colored handkerchief. You will have an easier time finding your stroller unlike everybody else.

Piece of Advice! It is always best to go for the double spaced stroller. This allows you to place your bags or cooler and at the same time allows your child to enjoy ample space.